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This tool will serve as a useful instrument to support, inform and advise families who suspect or know of a relative in the process of radicalisation or that has already been radicalised.
Skills and Competencies Training
Prevention and intervention in the field of violent extremism/radicalisation in young people – A modular and adaptable training curriculum for the further education of professionals dealing with violence prevention connected to extremist ideologies.
Modelling and Classifying Radical Content on Twitter
ModeRad is based on analysis of metadata about violent and radicalised speech on the Internet, analysing the incidence and prevalence of these deviant phenomena, its typologies, and its environmental factors. The software detects and records the violent and radicalised discourse in Twitter, based on the taxonomy of the violent and hate speech on cyberspace
Multi-agency Vulnerability Assessment Support Tool
MAVAST helps to assess the vulnerability of individuals to violently radicalise, using various indicators such as behaviour, expressed views, mental health issues, and social contacts.