Welcome to the Family Information Portal

This website contains information for families who are concerned that a family member may be radicalising. We provide you with some tips and recommendations on how to deal with this situation. The suggestions we provide are based on experience and supported by research.

Quotes from experienced families

How can we help?

This website will explain:

  • What radicalisation is and how you can recognise it
  • What you can do (and what you shouldn't)
  • Where you can go for help
This advice is designed to empower you as a family member to help the person you are worried about. It delivers practical tips, stories from other families who have been through a similar experience and advice about getting the right help. Most of this website has been written for people anywhere in Europe. On the page "Where to Find Help", you can find a list of organisations and some extra information about radicalisation in the countries which have participated in the Pericles project.

Our project

The Pericles project is a three year European project financed under the Horizon 2020 European scheme. Its goal is to help prevent radicalisation by reaching out to the people who are the most involved and the most effective in prevention. It offers advice to law enforcement agencies throughout Europe on preventing radicalisation and helping families who are affected by radicalisation here. You can read the advice we give to law enforcement agencies about supporting families affected by radicalisation. One of the key goals of Pericles is to offer support to families who are affected by radicalisation and support them in their vital prevention role.

Our team

Our team is made up of people with a broad area of expertise. If we can provide you with any further support, or if you have any questions about radicalisation or this website, you can find all of our contact details on the contact page.
Remember: there are other families who have been through the same experiences, and there are professionals and organisations who are here to help. Although dealing with radicalisation in your family can be extremely difficult, you don’t have to do it alone.